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Are you planning on joining when Zeus launches but are new or don't know anything about crypto-currencies like Bitcoin (BTC) or Binance Coin (BNB)?

For both founders and all soon to be members, you will need to be ready with the amount of BNB that you intend to contribute to start.

The amounts are:
0.1 BNB
1.0 Recommended

.1 is of course 10% of 1 BNB coin and .5 is half or 50% of 1 BNB coin.
(The values of coins go up and down somewhat dramatically at times. As I type this 1 BNB coin is worth $590.00 so 1 tenth or 10% would be $59.00.)

A great place to find out the current value of a coin is for phone or computer both.

There is more than one way to do all this but we will show you what we think is the best and fastest way.

Step 1.
Get a free Coinbase account (or similar) and buy some Bitcoin (BTC). 
Buy enough to cover the amount of BNB you wish to enter Zeus at and add 10 or $20 more in BTC just in case the price goes up.

Step 2.
Get the SafePal app for your phone from where you normally get your apps.
Follow the instructions for creating an account.
Do Not Share your secure phrase (12 words) with anyone and Do Not save your phrase on your cell or computer; write them down in order, on paper, and save that paper in a safe place.

NOTE: Apparently Safepal has a minimum 'Purchase' amount of $200. If you intend to get in at a higher level than .1 BNB then you might just purchase what you need through Safepal with your credit/debit card.

Step 3.
Send BTC to your Safepal wallet.
In Safepal, copy your address to receive BTC.
Then open your Coinbase or other wallet and click to send BTC.
Paste that SafePal address to be sent to and confirm.

Step 4.
Swap that BTC you now have in SafePal for BNB and you should be set.

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